Bootcamp Personal Training
... individually fitted to your trainingslevel! Inclusive Weight Management more ...
Bootcamp eXtreme
... always at the edge of the possibilites
Take off your shirt - it's Bootcamp time
... push you forward because of the spirit of the group

Steel and shape your body!

Are you looking for a drill-, strength- or endurance workout with high energy consumption (approx. 1,100 kcal/hour)? 
Then you've come to the right place! 
Motivational, positive drill replaces the original military background of the Bootcamp Training. 
This professional Power Bootcamp Training is effective and effecient, if you exercise at least once a week - and this on a regular basis. The more frequent, the better!
Alex Bulla - Bootcamp Trainer and Personal Trainer, was the first one to bring this challenging training from the US to Austria in 2009 and the first one to offer it in Vienna.  

Individualist or team player?

Bootcamp Personal Training

  • 1-2 participant(s)
  • Personal appointments (choose your perferred day, time and location)
  • Appointments and location can be changed (by arrangement) 
  • Free cancellation up to 24 hours prior to the training 
  • Training tailored to your needs (condition, power, target) 
  • Fast training results 

Bootcamp Group Training

  • Minimum of six participants
  • Fixed appointments (predefined days, times and location)
  • Training according to the target ... e.g. weight management - for all participants the same target 
  • Motivation through group dynamics 
  • Reasonable pricing

Bootcamp Training Wien
by Alex Bulla & Team

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