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Bootcamp Training
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Bootcamp Group Training

 Next start: April 14th ! 

Bootcamp beginners learn basic exercises up to an advanced level of performance. The group dynamics and the competition plays an important role. 

Bootcamp Gruppen-Training

Image: Basic exercise - lunges 



The typical Bootcamp training for beginners, in which you learn in a group how to do the basic exercises. 

The goal of this trainings is to improve your performance and to get your body in shape. 
The training program is adapted according to the group's physical abilities.  
The surrounding area and the terrain (e.g. Danube Island / Danube Park) are incorporated in your workout. 
We guide you through this training program with a drill and motivation.

This beginner program can also be booked by closed groups starting from 10 people, with their own timetable and location. 

Common exercises

Bootcamp basic exercies including exercises done in pairs on beginner level.
You learn how to do: push-ups, lunges, squats, core stabilization, jumping and running exercises. 

Bootcamp Group Training provably strengthes your body and improves your physical fitness 

Physical condition, tightening of muscles, tightening of tissue, coordination, stabilization, endurance, strength, teamwork. 

Level of training:
Beginner to advanced level 
1220 Vienna, Donaupark, Arbeiterstrandbadstr. 122, at the staircase, next to the fountain. Google MAPS
Each sunday
Meet at: 5.50 p.m. / Training: 6 - 7 p.m.
Training session:
60 minutes
Regularly once a week 
Test training for newbies: € 11,00
1 training session: € 18,00
Block of 10 sessions (+ 1 training free of charge = 11 training session): € 180,00
Bank transfer prior to the beginning of the training 

* Price valid for 21st and 22nd district in Vienna; other districts: + travel expenses 

Your first step to your own training session:

Offers at a reduced price:
The test training for newbies for one session costs only € 11,00!
Bring someone along and you will get your training session also at the rate of € 11,00

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Bootcamp Training Wien
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