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Bootcamp Training
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Bootcamp eXtreme Group

THE Drill- & Power Training suitable for both athletes with a high level as well as professional athletes.

Boot Camp eXtreme Gruppe

Image: Diamond push-ups (challenging!)



Group Bootcamp for athletes at advanced level of performance. Consecutive exercises with multiple repetitions. The physical and mental requirements increase. Group dynamics and the competition play an important role. 

The surrounding area and the terrain (e.g. Danube Island / Danube Park) are incorporated in your workout. That way the training continues to be exciting and challenging! 

Friends, sport teams, staff members of companies, incentives, etc. can build their own groups and train together to reach a common goal. Based on availability.

Common exercises

Very demanding training with a great variety of exercises in terms of strength and frequence: 
Push-ups, lunges, squats, core stabilization, jumping- and running exercises. 
Short breaks. 
Consecutive exercises with muliple repetitions. 

Bootcamp eXtreme provably strengthens your body and improves your physical

Strength endurance, strenth, muscle build-up, coordination, speed, stabilization, physical condition, mental strength. 

Individual appointments based on availability.

Level of training:
Advanced to professional 
From 3.45 a.m. to 9.00 p.m.  
Training session:
60 to 120 minutes
Regularly, once to seven times a week 
On request
By arrangements, monthly or a block of 10 training session. Bank transfer prior to the beginning of the training. 

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