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Bootcamp hard-core days group

This Bootcamp Training group training will push you to the limit! 
Warning! Only for people who would like to physically and mentally progress within a very short time and intensive training. 

Bootcamp Hardcore Days Gruppentraining

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Multi-day full-time program with 2-4 training sessions.
For 6 to 10 people, who would like to train together and reach one goal. 
We guide you through this hardcore training program with a positive drill and push you to your physical and mental limit. 

Example: a few consecutive days, with one hour each morning, one hour midmorning and one hour in the evening. As a consequence the training effect will be intensified. How often you would like to exercise can be agreed upon prior to the training.

The training program is adapted according to the individual physical possibilities of the group as well as the weather conditions.
The surrounding area and the terrain (e.g. Danube Island / Danube Park) are incorporated in your workout. That way the training is varied and demanding! 

Individual appointments, based on availability. 

Friends, sport teams, staff members of companies, incentives, etc. can build their own groups and train together to reach a common goal. Based on availability.

Common exercises

Highly demanding, varied training in terms of intensity and frequency including:
push-ups, squats, lunges, jumping- and running exercises, core stabilization, mobilization and stretching.
Only short breaks and longer training sessions.

Bootcamp Hardcore Days provably strengthen your body and improve your physical fitness 

Strength endurance, strength, muscle buildup, coordination, stabilization, speed, physical condition, mental strength. 

Level of training:
Advanced to Professional
From 3.45 a.m. to 9.00 p.m.
Training session:
60 to 90 minutes
minimum of three days in a row, 2-4 training sessions per day 
On request
Bank transfer prior to the beginning of the training 

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