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Bootcamp Personaltraining in Vienna
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Online Boot Camp Personal Training

Weltweit trainieren ohne Ausrede!

Photo: "Ladies Push-up" (Preliminary stage of the Push-up)

Train worldwide with Alex!

Online training makes it possible

Training with Skype: You need only your mobile phone and the Skype app! Even better, of course, is a larger screen such as an I-Pad, laptop or TV – whatever suits.

Alex demonstrates the exercises, gives individual advice, and corrects and motivates you during the execution. The programme closely mirrors our onsite training – full of dynamic interaction, motivation and drill.

You’ll be guided through the 60 to 90 minutes of power training – always adapted to your local conditions.

Individual appointments according to availability.

Your first step to training

Free and non-committal meeting with our personal trainer, covering health questions and objectives. Duration: approx. 60 minutes.

Make an appointment with us right now!

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Bootcamp Training Wien
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