push-ups | location: on a bridge
push-ups variations | location: Donaukanal
pull-ups | location: Donaukanal
lunges with weight | location: in the forest

What clothes do I need for my bootcamp training? 

The best is to bring comfortable and functional sport clothes. Long or short pants, T-Shirt or fitness T-shirt. 
The training takes place even it it rains. Therefore please bring waterproof clothes. 
Sport shoes or running shoes are perfectly suited for the training. 
Please bring a towel for the indoor personal training. 

Do I need something to drink during the bootcamp training? 

Yes, absolutely. Please take enough water with you.
Running belts are perfect to carry your water bottles (available at sport equipment shops) - important for outdoor training.  

How fit do I have to be for the bootcamp training? 

Our Hardore Boot Camp Trainings are made for higher leveled sportive persons as well as professionals.

Which results can I expect from the bootcamp training? 

Boot Camp Trainings are very effective drill-trainings. If you exercise at least two times a week - you will notice increased performance within 4 weeks.


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