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Alex Aulla - Boot Camp Trainerin

Alex Bulla

Bootcamp Instructor, Personal Trainer and Nutrition Expert

Hello, my name is Alex Bulla and I'm glad you are interested in my training. I was born in vienna and my athletic career started at the age of 4 as a gymnast. Fitness Training and Strength Training has kept me fit, active and healthy since my 17th birthday.

Fitness and Aerobic Trainer since 1993
Self-employed Personal Trainer and Personal Coach since 2005.


  • Qualified Personal Trainer, Fit Company
  • Qualified Health Trainer (A-Lizenz Trainer), Fit Company
  • Qualified Fitness Trainer, Fit Comapny
  • Qualified Aerobic Trainer, Fit Company
  • Nordic Walking Instructor, NWO
  • Body Pump Instructor Les Mills
  • Certified Senior Trainer,BAFL
  • Qualified Nutrition Trainer, B-Lizenz, BSA
  • Qualified consultant for sport nutrition, BSA
  • Qualfiied consultant for weight management i.A, BSA
  • Qualified nutrition coach, BSA
  • Qualified teacher for nutrition, BSA
  • Boot Camp Trainer in New York/USA

Professional Experience 

  • Aerobic Fitness Sport Animation, Magic Life der Club
  • Aerobic and Fitness Trainer at Sportcenter TOP TEN, Wien 21
  • 2005 - 2006 Personal Fitness and Aerobic Trainer at OASIS HEALTH & FITNESS Clubs, Wien 2
  • 2005 - 2008 Personal and Fitness Trainer at MAXX SPORTCENTER, Wien 21
  • 2006 - 2009 Personal Trainer and Aerobic Trainer at HOLMES PLACE HEALTH & FITNESS Clubs, Wien 21
  • 2007 - Oct 2011 Personal Trainer at OLYMPICA - BODY · FIT · PALACE, Wien 22
  • Boot Camp Training in Vienna since 2009 (It was me who first brought the trend to Austria and offered the Boot Camp Training)
  • Boot Camp Education in New York/USA, June 2010
  • Training- and further education in New York/USA, August 2012
  • Training- and further education in New York/USA, September 2013


Jürgen Brandner

Personal and Self-Defense Trainer

I'm currently working for the special unit WEGA and therefore one of the best to offer self-defense trainings. Sport has always been part of my life. As a teen at the age of 14 my fitness and martial art training began. This was my passion from the beginning. With a lot of ambition and hard training I took part in karate competitions. At the age of 26 I was given the black Dan and has been a trainer since then in this sport. As a role model I'm always glad to abe able to train people, regardless of their age. Sport and in particular martial art not only strengthens your body, but also your mind and character.

Education and Professional Experience

  • Qualified Sport- and Self-Defense Trainer, WEGA
  • Black DAN in Karate, Austrian Karate Association
  • Certified sport teacher
  • Further edcuation swimming, WEGA
  • Further education in Spinal Gymnastics, WEGA

Bootcamp Training Wien
by Alex Bulla & Team

TEL: +43 6991 9062699
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Bootcamp Instructor & Personal Trainerin

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