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Text: Robert Kropf


In this Bootcamp you will conquer your weaker self 

Fight your weaker self! With this fitness program you will get your body in shape! Kampf der inneren Schweinehündin! Mit diesen Fitness-Programmen bringt ihr euren Körper in Form.

Bootcamp Vienna

Alex Bulla is a personal trainer and owner of Bootcamp Wien. Her program "Your challenge - change your body" is very popular among female friends. You may train in undisturbed togetherness, five times a week, for five weeks, each time for 60 minutes. The appointments can be adapted according to your weekly schedule and customized based on your needs. Alex Bulla is focusing on body fat reduction, muscle build-up, body toning, improvement of your fitness. 2,580 Euro for one person, your friend pays only half. 

Bootcamp Training Wien
by Alex Bulla & Team

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